Learn AWS Through Lambda: Build a Text Bot


Learn By Building

This course is for those that want to learn about AWS through doing.

In this introductory course to AWS Lambda we will develop a Text Bot in 3 easy steps.

What You'll Learn

- How to deploy our text bot to production in seconds!

- How to build a text bot using entirely the AWS free tier!

- How to configure IAM permissions on your function.

- About the many AWS event sources. That we can build AWS Lambda solutions with.

Contribute to the Project!

Everyone who purchases the course, will be added as a GitHub collaborator.

You can fork the project and work on your own version, open pull requests with improvements, engage in code reviews with me!

What are you Waiting For?

Impress your friends and colleagues with your coding skills. Make more money because you have extremely in-demand AWS skills.

It will take you less than 20 minutes to go through the entire course and level up your technical skills!

I want this!

You'll get all the source code for the project, a detailed walkthrough, and a video walkthrough.

Source Code for Each Step
6.2 KB
Detailed Course Notes
1.5 MB
Complete Video Course
18 Minutes
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Learn AWS Through Lambda: Build a Text Bot

I want this!