Intro to APIs 101 (Beta)


Who is this for?

This course is for everyone, from code newbies to experienced professionals looking to learn something new. If you want to learn how the pros build APIs using the latest and greatest tools, this course is for you.

Use this course to beef up your Resume

If you are trying to get your first job or internship, this course will give you much needed knowledge for interviews and inspiration for you to build your own personal projects to showcase on your resume.

What’s in the course?

In this course we will build, optimize, and deploy an API on AWS.

We will start with a brief overview of what an API is.

We will then deploy and test our API. Then we will debug it an optimize just like you would in a technical interview.

The code written will be simple python, if you don’t know python, fear not it is practically pseudo code.

Why is this in Beta?

This course is almost entirely done. It is just missing one last layer of polish.

When I finish the final version, any beta buyers will receive an updated version of the course.

Financial Assistance

I wrote this course because this is the kind of content I would have wanted when I was learning to code.

I wrote this content to help people. I want anyone who needs this help to get it.

If you need financial assistance, follow me on gumroad for a $5 discount off this course.

If you still can’t afford this product and still want it follow and contact me (Email and Twitter DM works best) and I will give you a discount code so you can have it for free.

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Intro to APIs 101 (Beta)

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