Getting Started with AWS

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Getting Started with AWS

Owen Collier-Ridge

Why AWS?

Why should you make your own Amazon Web Services (AWS) Account?

  • All modern software development is done in a cloud.
  • AWS is the biggest, most widely used cloud.
  • Companies pay top dollar for engineers with AWS skills.
  • AWS has a generous free tier.

This free guide will set you up with an AWS account, give you some fundamental knowledge, and inspire you to build something awesome on AWS.

Contribute to the Project!

Everyone who purchases the course, will be added as a GitHub collaborator.

You can fork the project and work on your own version, open pull requests with improvements, engage in code reviews with me!

To get the guide, just enter 0 in the price box and hit the 'I want this!' button! 

If you feel generous, feel free to pay a few bucks extra, I always appreciate coffee money.

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